Look For the Helpers

I have been becoming increasingly frustrated lately with the people who I have been encountering as I travel around the city.  Between nearly getting run over, catcalling, strangers trying to get a date out of me, inconsiderate behaviour, and parents screaming at their children, it has been hard to see the good in people.  I have good reason to be angry at the way I and others have been treated, and that can obscure the rest of the picture.

Last Monday, my bike’s chain fell off the gear and got stuck.  A lady returning home a few houses down from a walk with her children saw me struggling with it, so she came over and helped me.

Last fall, I forgot my purse in a bus stop on my way to an 8 AM class.  A lady saw it, picked it up, and brought it to the police station, where they contacted me to pick it up.

When a drunk man was hitting on me while I sat on the bus, and he grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let it go, the bus driver took the time to make sure that I was safe and that I was alright.

When a man taking a smoke break saw me looking at my bike while waiting for the light to change, he explained to me what was causing the noise I was hearing, exactly how to fix it, and not to worry about it, since it was a very minor problem.

These are just a few examples of people who have gone out of their way to help me, unasked, and without anything in return.

I am grateful for these people, and I need to make sure that I do not forget them too quickly in my frustration with others.


What do you think?

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