It Changes Me

There is a message that has been proclaimed explicitly and implicitly for years by red-faced preachers and well-meaning friends alike: that the amount of daily Bible reading I do directly affects how many things go wrong in my life.

It shows up as a response to tragedy and to mental illness and to relationship troubles: “Oh, well, have you been leading your Bible lately?”

But the Bible is not a magic charm, and God is not a slave to our wants.

I can be depressed and still be following God with everything I have.  I can also be totally in love with God and blessed and provided for by him, yet not study the Bible every single day.  I need to remind myself that God’s blessings are not controlled by my works: I do not have the power to control God.  He is so much more powerful than the number of Bible verses I can read in one day.

Besides, should I not be reading His word because I want to hear Him speak and I desire to learn more about Him?  I am starting to believe that it is wrong to read the Bible with the only motivation being a fear of bad things happening if I do not.  That is superstition, and an insult to the might of God, the King of kings and the Creator of time and space and everything within them.  It is an insult to say that the creation can control the Creator by merely reading a certain amount of His words a certain amount of times.  I am struck, tonight, by the foolishness the whole idea, for the Bible does not change God.  It changes me.


What do you think?

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