I wish that someone would have told me when I was younger that my feelings are valid.  I was always told the opposite, though: your feelings are wrong, because they are not what I am feeling.

I started to  believe that there are emotions that I should not feel, or that it is wrong to have certain emotions at certain times.  I thought that I was not allowed to feel like I was being treated unfairly.  I thought that I was wrong if I felt hurt by someone’s thoughtless and misguided words.  I doubted myself.  I determined that, since what I felt wasn’t what others thought I should feel, my emotions should be dismissed and ignored – not just by others – but also by myself.

Your feelings are valid.  Your feelings are real.

Feelings may not accurately represent objective reality.  That’s okay.  Emotion is allowed to be subjective.  That does not decrease the validity of those feelings, and it does not make what you feel any less real.

For in the end, really, it does not matter what you feel.  What truly matters is what you do with those feelings – what you do because of your feelings, and what you choose to do in spite of your feelings.

Your feelings are valid.  Your feelings are real.


One thought on “Validity

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