I keep hearing [the pastor’s] example in my head: “Unwrapped chocolate bar – who’s gonna want an unwrapped chocolate bar?”

That’s so degrading, to equate a human being to a chocolate bar.  A chocolate bar, that you can buy for a dollar.

She is not property.  She is not an object.  She valuable, much more valuable than a chocolate bar.

Then there’s the issue of saying that her entire worth is based on her virginity.  There’s the issue of saying that no one will be able to want her simply because someone had sex with her.

Who would want her if she’s no longer a virgin?  Jesus would.

Was it not Christ who spent his time with the tax collectors and the prostitutes? Was it not God in the flesh who looks out for even the least of us?

Therefore any Christ-like man will see her the way that Jesus does: as someone who is so much more than the number of times she’s had sex, who is so much  more than her height or weight, who is so much more than just another woman.

She is a child of God: forgiven, loved, and wanted.

Treat her that way.


2 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Good point, but something else that has always bothered me… Why is it that the woman is always the “already-unwrapped, unwanted chocolate bar?” What about sermons on the “used car” man, asking what godly woman would want that kind of companion instead of the “brand-new, never driven” man???

    • Very true! Most messages on purity do seems to be directed at women, addressing men only when it comes to pornography. I think we need to find a new way to talk about purity that is gender inclusive on every topic AND that treats everyone with the dignity that they deserve!

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