Easter | Monday (Freedom)

Each day from Good Friday to Easter Monday this year, I’ve decided to meditate on a theme related to what these days commemorate.
Friday – Death
Saturday – Love
Sunday – Faith

Am I free?

The empty tomb is celebrated, because it is a symbol of our freedom.  It is a reminder that Christ overcame both sin and death for us.

Scripture declares that Christ has set us free: we are free “from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:2).  We are no longer slaves of sin.  We have been given new life, instead of death, the price of our sin.

Is this freedom instantaneous?

Are we completely free once we accept Christ’s salvation as paid for by his death on the cross?  If that is the case, then why do so many Christians find themselves still trapped in the same destructive cycles that have plagued them for years?

Maybe some people do experience instant, miraculous freedom.  But maybe not everyone.

Maybe for the rest of us, freedom must still be fought for.  We are able to fight the battle, because Christ in on our side, but it’s not easy.

Maybe freedom is the slow breaking off of chains, little by little, one by one.  Christ is in it and for it, but it’s long, and it takes perseverence.

Maybe freedom is becoming more and more aware of the power you have to serve God even though you are still enslaved.  You are still trapped in it, but it becomes less and less able to hold you back.

We have freedom.  It just doesn’t always look the way that we expect it to.


What do you think?

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