Actual Comments About My Weight

  • “Why are you so skinny?”
  • “Are you anorexic?”
  • “Go eat a Big Mac.”
  • (During my only run that month) “You don’t need to run.  You’re so skinny!”
  • “Do you ever eat?”
  • “You need to gain weight.”
  • “You need to eat more.”
  • “You don’t belong in this conversation, Hannah.  You’re skinny.”
  • “Look at your bony arms!”
  • “Ew, I can see your ribs.”
  • “Oh, gaining weight is easy.  Stop complaining.”
  • “It couldn’t have been that hard to find clothes that fit; you’re skinny.”
  • Me: “I finally gained five pounds!”  “Her: Oh.  I don’t see it.”
  • “You can’t lift that.  You’re too skinny.”
  • (During a class presentation) “Being 5’10” and a 110 pounds is unrealistic and gross.”  (Me:”Um, hi.”)
  • “Yeah, but you’re too skinny.”

Oh, and my friends nicknamed me Holland for my flat chest.

Point: Comments like these to slim girls are just as hurtful as comments to anyone else about their weight.  Insecurity is not limited to a certain weight.  Putting down anyone is not okay, no matter how much or little they weigh.


What do you think?

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