New Year, No Change

It’s strange, when I think about it, how January 1st is such a big deal, when really it’s just another date on the calendar.  Nothing actually changes on New Year’s unless we make it happen ourselves.

In fact, why does change have to be limited to the beginning of a New Year?  What if we made resolutions to change our world for the better throughout the rest of the year, then actually followed through with them?

What if evaluating the way each one of us has been living our lives became a habit, not a yearly tradition?

What if, after the party ends and the sun rises and life returns to its normal routine, we still have the resolve to do things differently, to do things right?

What if instead of only celebrating a new year, once a year, we could celebrate and be grateful for each new month, or sunrise, or meal, moment, and memory, taking a moment to pause and recognize the significance and value that each one of these holds?

Would our lives look any different?  I think so.

When January 1, 2012, arrives, the world may not be any different, but that’s up to each of us.  The New Year has no power to change anything, but every second of every day, we do.


What do you think?

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